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  replaces  v1.0
 tagged by  Josef 'Jeff' Sipek
        on  Fri, 28 Sep 2018 07:55:34 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
tag 19f53f1b24c68e16e8c6b76eca8140a39aef99b3
Tag:    v1.1
Object: f92332b40b96b38d0b43492e4ac9830b7fc026fa (commit)
Tagger: Josef 'Jeff' Sipek
Date:   Fri, 28 Sep 2018 07:55:34 -0400
URL:    <http://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/19f53f1b24c68e16>

    Unleashed v1.1
    -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

Adam Števko (1):
      Fix dependencies for gcc-5 and gcc-6 (#2869)

Alexander Pyhalov (7):
      libgcrypt: add CVE-2017-7526 fix from Ubuntu
      GCC: use -fuse-cxa-atexit by default https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=66967
      Make pkgdepend ignore GCC runtime libraries in /usr/lib and /usr/lib/$(MACH64) if  current compiler is not gcc-4
      gmp: fix rpath
      dbus: update to 1.10.20
      make-rules: use dlc archive mirror when original file is not found
      sudo: update to 1.8.20p2

Aurelien Larcher (24):
      Fix gnupth REQUIRED_PACKAGES
      libusbgen: fix missing build dependencies
      Fix libusb/wrapper REQUIRED_PACKAGES
      gcc-5: fix build with gcc-6
      Bump gcc-6 to 6.4.0
      Update gcc-6 with mpfr 3.1.6
      gcc-6: fix missing crtp.o and crtpg.o
      Add GNUDIR in shared-macros.mk
      gcc-5: fix missing crtp.o and crtpg.o
      Fix glib with gcc-6
      gmp: fix runpath
      illumos-gcc: build with gcc49 and do not use system gmp and mpfr libs
      Fix gawk
      gcc49: build with self
      Fix python2.7
      Bump automake to 1.15.1
      Bump GCC to 7.2.0
      gcc-7: fix missing crtp.o and crtpg.o
      Update gcc-7 with mpfr 3.1.6
      gcc-7: update aligned_alloc patch
      clang: fix with gcc-6
      Add autoconf-archive 2017.09.28

Aurélien Larcher (9):
      Bump libarchive to 3.3.2
      Bump libksba to 1.3.5
      Add compiler version macros (#3011)
      Rebuild gawk with updated libsigsegv
      Bump gawk to 4.1.4
      Bump gawk to 4.2.0
      Add GCC 7.1
      Bump gcc-7 to 7.3.0 and add testsuites as in solaris-userland
      autoconf-archive: bump to 2018.03.13

Jim Klimov (1):
      Problem: userland-fetch --keep was lost in refactoring

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek (60):
      zip: add lzip component
      remove various rename packages
      components: add network/rsync
      remove 'openindiana.org' and 'on-nightly' from set of allowed publishers to depend on
      gcc49: use -j4 on jeffpc's dev box
      clang-40: use -j4 on jeffpc's dev box
      pkglint: allow 'userland' and 'userland-extra' deps
      move rsync to userland-extra
      README: document how to build userland-extra
      Merge branch 'master' of git://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland
      libarchive: fix build with libressl 2.7.4
      libusb: pkgdepend requires the proto dir to exist
      libusb: find usb.h correctly
      enable gnupg in -extra
      remove python/pip history file
      python/pip: build using only python 2.7
      add python/pip to userland-extra
      remove library/python-2/* rename packages
      python/python27: no need to link against libxnet
      various: no need to link against libsocket
      web/nginx: no need to link against libsocket
      enable text/texinfo build
      gcc-5: drop lint dep
      gcc-5: fix major version
      dbus: fix PATH used for build
      gcc49: fix PATH
      net-snmp: help pkgdepend along with libssp.so.0
      python27: update to 2.7.15
      python27: fixup manifests post 2.7.15 update
      python27: use absolute path to dtrace(8)
      python27: fix tk related dependency generation
      gcc-6: use -j4 on jeffpc's dev box
      gcc-6: fix major version
      gcc-6: developer/library/lint hasn't existed for a long time
      gcc-7: fix major version
      gcc-7: our path doesn't suck
      gcc-7: use -j4 on jeffpc's dev box
      gcc-7: developer/library/lint hasn't existed for a long time
      start building gcc-6 along with gcc49
      start building userland with gcc-6
      switch to gcc 6 runtimes
      switch to gcc 6 runtimes (extra)
      illumos-gcc: remove objc support
      bash: build only 64-bit version
      patch: build 64-bit version
      zsh: build 64-bit version
      gtar: build only 64-bit version
      gzip: build 64-bit version
      libassuan: build as xpg6
      lftp: update to 4.8.4
      clang-40: use -j8 on jeffpc's dev box
      reorder components to better utilize the CPU
      sudo: remove unnecessary patches
      remove 'timezone' component
      handle move of zoneinfo data to /usr/share/zoneinfo
      gcc49: depend on gcc-6 to ease the transition
      start building developer/autoconf-archive
      clang-40: depend on gcc-6
      mercurial: update to 4.7.1
      Merge branch 'master' of ../userland-extra

Lauri Tirkkonen (11):
      curl: update to 7.60.0
      cryptography: update to 2.2.2 with libressl patches
      python: update to 2.7.14 & add libressl patch
      drop m2crypto
      openssh: update to 7.7p1
      python36: add libressl patch
      do not use puname by default for configure
      berkeleydb: CONFIG_SHELL=/bin/sh
      do not put CONFIG_SHELL in env
      python-27: bypass pkgdepend for ensurepip
      openssh: update to 7.8p1

Marcel Telka (1):
      system/library/math/header-math was renamed


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