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lotheac lotheac at iki.fi
Thu Jan 3 22:33:00 UTC 2019

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The branch, no-puname has been updated
  discards  07138cd88324e5fff62e1432330175d5c7b612f2 (commit)
  discards  aec52a8576441d2e48cc12f1fc8465d00971771a (commit)
  discards  0426f68db1212bb178b5414473da01df9e9740db (commit)
  discards  7549eae78a1eb29079b97e72770ec2edf2714053 (commit)
  discards  6a83a6e0829eac6d7c2d488073c4502e81ebb9f3 (commit)
       via  5c431ed273ccd5a160b3138f5226b7963594138c (commit)
       via  1526604b771c09ea2111cd0ed79f78ad15865438 (commit)
       via  03d3b1ee7ada0eea23bbab5d1d116515494fe187 (commit)
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       via  ab745df669dc44e4acb00c6ed4b0d2af7d4738e5 (commit)

This update added new revisions after undoing existing revisions.  That is
to say, the old revision is not a strict subset of the new revision.  This
situation occurs when you --force push a change and generate a repository
containing something like this:

 * -- * -- B -- O -- O -- O (07138cd88324e5fff62e1432330175d5c7b612f2)
             N -- N -- N (5c431ed273ccd5a160b3138f5226b7963594138c)

When this happens we assume that you've already had alert emails for all
of the O revisions, and so we here report only the revisions in the N
branch from the common base, B.

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not appeared on any other notification email; so we list those
revisions in full, below.

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
commit 5c431ed273ccd5a160b3138f5226b7963594138c
Author: Lauri Tirkkonen <lotheac at iki.fi>
Date:   Fri, 4 Jan 2019 00:14:12 +0200
URL:    <https://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/5c431ed273ccd5a1>

    configure.mk: check also for deprecated names of LT_INIT

 make-rules/configure.mk | 10 +++++-----
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

commit 1526604b771c09ea2111cd0ed79f78ad15865438
Author: Lauri Tirkkonen <lotheac at iki.fi>
Date:   Thu, 3 Jan 2019 23:27:11 +0200
URL:    <https://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/1526604b771c09ea>

    berkeleydb: use custom libtool magic

 components/database/berkeleydb/Makefile | 3 +++
 1 file changed, 3 insertions(+)

commit 03d3b1ee7ada0eea23bbab5d1d116515494fe187
Author: Lauri Tirkkonen <lotheac at iki.fi>
Date:   Thu, 3 Jan 2019 23:13:58 +0200
URL:    <https://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/03d3b1ee7ada0eea>

    configure.mk: move unleashed uname checks from variables to make rule

 components/developer/gcc-6/Makefile | 2 +-
 components/developer/gcc49/Makefile | 2 +-
 make-rules/configure.mk             | 8 ++++----
 3 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

commit 90fb71a9d1bc27d8b33701d4245c5578f01564f9
Author: Lauri Tirkkonen <lotheac at iki.fi>
Date:   Thu, 3 Jan 2019 23:04:22 +0200
URL:    <https://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/90fb71a9d1bc27d8>

    configure.mk: don't bother with $(ENV) for uname check
    we should use gmake's export feature to set UNAME_LEGACY for things that
    need it.

 make-rules/configure.mk | 4 ++--
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

commit ab745df669dc44e4acb00c6ed4b0d2af7d4738e5
Author: Lauri Tirkkonen <lotheac at iki.fi>
Date:   Thu, 3 Jan 2019 19:56:55 +0200
URL:    <https://repo.or.cz/unleashed-userland.git/ab745df669dc44e4>

    libtool: don't attempt to regen configure
    libtoolize is a bad idea in libtool source; it just fails.

 components/developer/libtool/Makefile | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)


Summary of changes:
 components/developer/gcc-6/Makefile   | 2 +-
 components/developer/gcc49/Makefile   | 2 +-
 components/developer/libtool/Makefile | 2 +-
 3 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

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