Unleashed 1.2 Released

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek jeffpc at josefsipek.net
Thu Dec 27 23:28:28 UTC 2018

This is the third release of Unleashed - an operating system fork of
illumos.  For more information about Unleashed itself and the download
links, see our website [1].

This release is relatively light on changes.  The major changes since 1.1
are (1) `uname -p` and `uname -m` now return "amd64", and (2) the removal of
Solaris auditing support (bsm).

As part of the uname changes, we defined the GNU triplet for Unleashed as
"`uname -m`-unknown-unleashed`uname -r`" (e.g., amd64-unknown-unleashed1.2).

As before, you can install the system from scratch using the ISO or USB
images, or update using pkg(1).

To update an existing system, download the p5p and run:

# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.2.p5p unleashed
# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.2.p5p userland
# pkg update
# reboot

You will also want to rebuild any additional software you may have built.

With all this said, give the release a try.  If you find any issues or want
to contribute, let us know on IRC (#unleashed on Freenode) or the mailing

Happy hacking!


[1] https://www.unleashed-os.org


A '-' means that the support for that feature was removed, a '+' means that
the support for that feature was added, and a '*' means that the behavior
was changed.

 - libfruraw, libnvfru, libfru, libfrureg, libfruutils
 - libpicl, libpicltree, picld(8), etc.
 - pyzfs & pysolaris
 - locator(8)
 - auditing support and libbsm
 + ship ctfconvert & ctfmerge in /usr/bin
 * uname(1) returns "amd64" for -m and -p
 * sysinfo(SI_ARCHITECTURE) returns "amd64" (or "i386" when UNAME_LEGACY is
   in the environment)
 * rename vnode interface's AT_* to VATTR_*
 * libressl updated to 2.8.2
 * openssh updated to 7.9p1
 * ntp updated to 4.2.8p12
 * vim updated to 8.1.0578
 * hwdata updated to 2018.11.29
 * tzdata updated to 2018g
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