Unleashed 1.1 Released

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek jeffpc at josefsipek.net
Fri Sep 28 15:00:16 UTC 2018

This is the second release of Unleashed - an operating system fork of
illumos.  For more information about Unleashed itself and the download
links, see our website [1].

It has been three months since our first release and it felt like a good
time to make another release.  I think for the foreseeable future there will
be a release every 3 months.  Originally I expected a release every 6
months, but there are just too many changes to wait that long.  Eventually,
I expect the releases to slow down to 4-6 months.

The major changes since 1.0 are (1) we now build the userland with gcc 6.4
instead of gcc 4.9 (core is still built with gcc 4.4.4, but that will
hopefully change for the 1.2 release), and (2) over a year of illumos-gate
changes have been merged.

Other notable changes include the removal of libsocket and libxnet filter
libraries, move of zoneinfo data into /usr/share/zoneinfo to match the rest
of the Unix world, and /bin/sh becoming OpenBSD ksh.

As before you can install the system from scratch using the ISO or USB
images, or update using pkg(1).

To update an existing system, download the p5p and run:

# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.1.p5p unleashed
# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.1.p5p userland
# pkg update
# reboot

You will also want to rebuild any additional software you may have built.

With all this said, give the release a try.  If you find any issues or want
to contribute, let us know on IRC (#unleashed on Freenode) or the mailing

Happy hacking!


[1] https://www.unleashed-os.org


A '-' means that the support for that feature was removed, a '+' means that
the support for that feature was added, and a '*' means that the behavior
was changed.

 - hsfs-formatted boot archive support
 - libc compat symbols: _nuname, __posix_readdir_r, __threaded
 - binary compatibility bread/bwrite/bwrite2/getblk kernel symbols
 - libxnet and libsocket filter libraries
 - libm.so.1 (legacy libm)
 - shcomp(1) and the ability to run "compiled" ksh93 shell scripts (shbinexec)
 - useless ksh93 /usr/bin builtins: cd, command, history, jobs, limit,
   print, read, type, umask, wait
 - jsh & jsh93
 + ship libcmdutils.so & libuutil.so compilation symlinks
 * ship openbsd ksh as /bin/sh (/bin/ksh93, /bin/rksh93, and /sbin/sh remain
 * convert BREAD/BWRITE/BWRITE2/GETBLK macros to bread/bwrite/bwrite2/getblk
   static inlines
 * collapse driver packages into system/kernel
 * replace ksh93 /usr/bin builtins with real programs imported from OpenBSD:
   comm, cut, join, kill, logname, paste, rev, sleep, tee, test, uniq, wc
 * autofs is disabled by default
 * zoneinfo data moved from /usr/share/lib/zoneinfo to /usr/share/zoneinfo
 * userland is built with gcc 6 instead of 4.9
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