Unleashed 1.3 Released

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek jeffpc at josefsipek.net
Thu Apr 18 17:56:29 UTC 2019

This is the fourth release of Unleashed - an operating system fork of
illumos.  For more information about Unleashed itself and the download
links, see our website [1].

As one might expect, this release removes a few things.

The most notable being the removal of ksh93 along with all its libs.

As far as libc interfaces are concerned, a number of non-standard functions
were removed.  In general, they have been replaced by the
standards-compliant versions.  (getgrent_r, fgetgrent_r, getgrgid_r,
getgrnam_r, ttyname_r, getlogin_r, shmdt, sigwait, gethostname, putmsg,
putpmsg, and getaddrinfo)

Additionally, wordexp and wordfree have been removed from libc.  Even though
they are technically required by POSIX, software doesn't seem to use them.
Because of the fragile implementation (shelling out), we took the OpenBSD
approach and just removed them.

The default compilation environment now includes _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 and
__EXTENSIONS__.  Additionally, all applications now use 64-bit file offsets,

Last but not least, nightly.sh is no more.  In short, to build one simply
runs 'make'.  (See README for detailed build instructions.)

As before, you can install the system from scratch using the ISO or USB
images, or update using pkg(1).

To update an existing system, download the p5p and run:

# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.3.p5p unleashed
# pkg set-publisher -G '*' -g file:///path/to/unleashed-1.3.p5p userland
# pkg update
# reboot

You will also want to rebuild any additional software you may have built.

With all this said, give the release a try.  If you find any issues or want
to contribute, let us know on IRC (#unleashed on Freenode) or the mailing

Happy hacking!


[1] https://www.unleashed-os.org


A '-' means that the support for that feature was removed, a '+' means that
the support for that feature was added, and a '*' means that the behavior
was changed.

 - ksh93 (/sbin/sh, /bin/ksh93, /bin/rksh93) and related libraries (libast,
   libcmd, libdll, libpp, libshell, libsum) are no more.
 - nonstandard getgrent_r, fgetgrent_r removed from libc
 - wordexp & wordfree removed from libc
 - sgtty.h removed, including stty() and gtty()
 - nightly.sh is no more; see README.md for updated build instructions
 * removed posix.1c draft versions, and made default the standard versions, of
   the libc functions getgrgid_r, getgrnam_r, ttyname_r, getlogin_r
 * removed non-posix versions of the libc functions shmdt, sigwait,
   gethostname, putmsg, putpmsg, getaddrinfo
 + _XOPEN_SOURCE=700 and __EXTENSIONS__ are defined by default, if not
   specified. most third-party software already uses these on Solarises in an
   attempt to get a somewhat sane compilation environment
 + all applications automatically use 64-bit files. using the LFS/"large file"
   no longer necessary.
 + various improvements have been made to shorten the build time.
 + the installer user interface has been simplified considerably.
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